Foot VR fetish

Gadgets and Tips for Foot VR Fetish Sex

If it was not customary to even talk openly about foot fetish before, today Foot VR fetish is a new huge step towards progress! This is an opportunity to chat with models or watch porn movies on your favorite topic in 3D format, with a 360-degree overview and a full three-dimensional immersion in the process!

You are already becoming a full-fledged participant in the film, and you will experience the physical pleasure of watching it! It’s worth talking about how to deal with modern devices, where to look for them, and what you should know before you decide to give any money to the manufacturer of VR glasses for such a sweet surprise.

I can say just – high-quality gadgets cost money, but they are worth every cent invested.

Foot VR fetish

Opportunities for XXL pleasure

First, there were magazines and porn pictures, then video clips came to replace them, and then the opportunity to chat with web models on camera. The next step in the development of porn industry technologies is VR glasses, virtual reality at the service of your pleasures!

It seems to me that modern sex technologies are changing at such a speed that you really can’t keep up with them. Yes, I mean sex technology, because the further, the more and more high-tech penetrates into our sexual life, and so into the porn industry.

If our grandmothers would faint from the sight of an ordinary plastic dildo, then today they are multifunctional fuck-monsters with hundreds of possibilities, and vibration mods, so the dildo just starts to live its own life!

It’s great that my favorite category has also entered the top favorite and in-demand, and the world’s porn companies are shooting high-tech videos using 3D format so that you can get real pleasure from the feet!

Everything you want to know about VR porn

It all started with virtual games with full immersion, but literally, immediately the technology switched to the sex industry. And after that many porn studios and producers of adult videos drew attention to the hype around VR devices, and decided that a new market for adult content had appeared in front of them.

By the way, some studios have already abandoned the usual shooting format and switched exclusively to VR video! I hope that you have already had a chance to try this entertainment format, and you know how cool it can be!

I started my experiments with webcam sites where I watched Foot fetish exclusively – some of the models on my favorite sites use really high-quality equipment. But at first, I was unpleasantly surprised and even disappointed by the quality of some videos.

That’s why I’m still inclined to the option of watching porn movies shot on professional equipment. And this should be done only by companies that do not save cents on the quality of equipment.

The fact is that in a regular video for a VR gadget, the quality will not be as high as, for example, in virtual pornography. Agree, when it comes to your favorite fetish, the quality comes first! If you don’t try it, you won’t find out, so I recommend that you watch porn in this format at least once.

First experience with VR fetish porn

To be honest, at first, I tried to watch VR porn on one of the most popular sites without glasses, and I strongly do not recommend you to do it! Of course, you will see the picture, but the effect will be completely different.

Then I bought glasses and then I realized what the real thrill of virtual porn is! I sat down on the bed and got comfortable because soon I was going to meet a beautiful blonde whose legs seemed to be the most appetizing. I started with the simplest – stimulating foot massage with the oil!

Her legs were well-groomed, delicate, without a trace of nail polish. The blonde began to gently massage them, bringing them closer to my face, and at that moment I was able to understand why VR is called the next stage in the development of entertainment.

Because I saw every dot on her feet, every fold of skin, and every vein! I got closer, and her legs were practically in my mouth, I could swear that I smelled the scent of her foot oil! She continued to massage finger after finger, and they were covered with shiny oil.

Under the skirt of the actress, I saw her white panties and bending down a little I could see the pattern on them. Really high-quality porn looks exactly like this – it’s like you’re next to her, you can sit down the way you feel more comfortable, and you can choose the viewing angle and pose yourself!

Plunging into the sweet depths of virtual reality

Today there are several formats available for high-quality porn in VR – 5K, 6K, and even 7K. It will be a little more difficult for the owners of Oculus Quest 2 glasses because they need special formats that not all film producers have yet.

The second thing that is very important to really feel the atmosphere of the film is good headphones. I advise you to look for them from the same set with glasses. Then, it is worth considering that the first minutes in the new reality are addictive.

So do not immediately dive into the hottest footfetish movie for adults, because you need to get used to the sensations! It’s also worth agreeing – a comfortable atmosphere where relatives won’t see you, because a person in a VR helmet who watches porn is a funny sight, to be honest with you.

And then – the whole Universe of entertainment is in front of you! When I finally figured out the headset and my new device, I decided to go for tougher foot porn on one of the best sites.

Here you can download really cool videos that create the effect of full presence in the frame. The girl seems to be sitting next to you, offering to try her legs, and also caresses herself a centimeter from your face!

I continue to explore VR foot fetish features

Let’s say that all videos are pretty heavy – almost 10 GB, but it’s really worth it! There are also free short videos, but it’s not for me to get comfortable and look forward to sweet feet&toes, and then get just a promo for 2-5 minutes.

This time I was attracted by a gorgeous Asian woman with small neat legs and a sexy tattoo on her shin. Her toenails were painted with a bright coral varnish that matched her skin tone. This bright beauty is my type, and her legs promised me a lot of viewing pleasure.

She playfully sat down on the bed next to me and lifted her feet teasing me and enticing me. Delicate little feet that I could see even when she tried to hide them – a 360-degree view is really what I wanted. I played with her, trying to see as much as possible!

She slowly began to undress, and I got up, and even tried to touch her – her body seemed very close, and it was also … I don’t know how to say … It was voluminous!

It’s as if this sweet petite Chinese woman invited me home after a date, and now teases me with her sweet feet and exciting forms. Well, while she undresses, I can also get rid of my trousers, because it gets very hot in the frame!

It’s all about the details!

I saw all the moles on the actress’ body and noticed how her nipples gradually got excited while she played with a big vibrator. I saw how her breasts lifted when she fucked herself with this rubber giant. I’ve seen it get wet…

I was absolutely delighted with the details, as well as the fact that I could get up and walk up to her! At some point, I thought I was in the future, or in some fantastic movie. All this time there was a feeling that she was following me with her eyes.

Then I found out that this is a special 3D shooting effect, and it’s amazing! And it’s addictive because you want to try all the girls on the Internet, and you have the opportunity. In the first few days, I reviewed enough Foot VR fetish porn to say – feet fans, for everyone now there is an unlimited opportunity to relieve tension and see something so cool that even thinking about these videos makes me a boner!

What else can you see in the Foot VR fetish format?

If this question has occurred to you, then I will answer you – anything! You can be a guest in a girls’ room, and enjoy how one, two, three… ten girls caress each other’s legs!

You can watch a foot BDSM couple who are engaged in punishment of the feet, you see girls jerking off, and whose legs contract in sweet convulsions during orgasms! So absolutely anything you can find today in VR format.

Yes, virtual reality has almost equaled the world of good old porn in terms of the number of videos!

You can also be a participant if you like first-person porn. The beauty will look straight into your eyes, offer to caress her legs, or settle on your lap! Everything is like in life, everything is like together with your perfect feet fetish girlfriend.

Although let’s not limit the audience – not only guys, but also girls can have fun here, you will find videos for any preferences on the sites! And the Foot category is just one of the thousands possible!

Webcam in virtual reality glasses is a special topic

Not so long ago, many webcam sites also decided that they needed to move further up the high-tech ladder. And they allowed the models to install VR cameras so that the entertainment of their customers here and now became even more piquant. And yes, I like this idea!

There are a lot of advantages here – for example, this is not only a virtual show but also real communication with a girl. Imagine that there is some kind of special sex space where are only you and your mode could be, and she is also a real person.

Well, so the webcam is becoming more and more like a real date, don’t you think? Of course, this format deserves a special like and even a special post to tell about all the online adventures that I had after buying my first VR helmet.

Now I buy more different devices that can be synchronized when watching porn on websites. With their help, you can not only see but also feel! For example, special penis attachments that simulate oral sex, or real sex!

What will happen next to the world of hi-tech porno?

Not so long ago I was asked this question – what will happen next, what else can you come up with to realize the hottest fantasies? In fact, the next step has already been taken – these are realistic porn games with VR glasses, where you can form your own plot!

This is sex with almost perfect cartoons girls, erotic quests, where the reward is hot sex with painted characters. I think it would be great to try connecting devices for virtual communication! Then you and your girlfriend, who is currently away, could still have sex.

Or we can participate in absolutely insane porn parties with people from all over the world. A virtual sex room where old acquaintances or absolute strangers meet!

Fantasies are great, but it’s still important not to lose the main thing – real sex with someone you like. I don’t want to bring you down to the heaven of fantasy on earth, but it’s really important not to get lost in virtual space.

I think there is still something to work on here, and we will be able to make such games much more realistic, bringing them to the level of natural graphics. And what happens next depends on us. After all, it is our demand in the world of porn that generates new and new offers!

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