Virtual reality headset on adult chat now its possible

Virtual reality headset on adult chat – now it’s possible!

We have good news for fans of the Femdom VideoChat category because now your feelings will be even fuller. There is a new option on – playing in VR mode! Even more pleasure and desire from watching the show of your favorite models.

Now your Femdom VideoChat Mistress can be even closer to you. The first visitors who tried a new opportunity of VR say this is the best sex in their life! Imagine, you can spend time with your partner and include a model in the game!

The offer is available for Oculus Devices, VIVE, and Gear VR. All you need to do is register, recharge your wallet and connect the headset. Everything else is already in the hands of the best models.

Look for models from Femdom VideoChat catalog, you will see the “VR” icon in her profile – start a hot dialogue in 3D mode. You would be surprised how many girls have already switched to this new and popular technology.

And you can go even further – combined VR and remote-controlled toys. Now you are really very close to your dream and you can see her so close, as well as instantly give her pleasure with the help of vibrating toys.

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