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How to make a squirt Watch the Webcam Squirt on the website

How to make a squirt? Watch the Webcam Squirt on the website

There are quite a lot of instructions on the Internet on how to make a woman cum with a squirt, but not everyone can be trusted. If your girlfriend has never pleased you with pussy splashes, then you can show her how to get this pleasure!

Try to stimulate her G-spot with two fingers from the bottom up. It helps many girls to get a quick and very wet orgasm. Make quick but rhythmic movements, don’t stop until she finishes. Try to arouse her in this way first, and then have sex. After a while, when you realize that your partner is very excited, repeat the exercise with two fingers.

If it did not help, then continue to work with your fingers, pressing her clitoris with your palm. Many girls need it because they simply cannot cum without clitoral stimulation. And also, if it didn’t work out the first time – no need to despair!

Train more, and after some time her body will get used to new caresses, relax, and she will definitely please you with her fountain. Or you can just go to one of the websites of web models and watch how she does it! Maybe you’ll learn something on pussy.live or adultchat.cam, and then you can repeat it on your beloved?

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